The Problem with Fracked Gas


“My name is Janice Blancock, my son passed away on August 7th 2016. He was a healthy young teenage boy, out playing basketball. He woke up in the middle of the night on Thanksgiving break with excruciating pain and numbness in his legs. They diagnosed him with Ewings Sarcoma which is a rare form of cancer. Since then I’ve come to learn about fracking and the fracking process. I kind of just have to believe that there’s something, that it’s related to that somehow.

I mean you figure, and I’m learning that you know what is in the shale, radioactive material. We are taking it out of there and bringing it up to where we are. It’s in our water, in our soil, it’s in the air we breathe. So, I’m just having a hard time believing that it’s not to do with fracking. But I lost my son, and to think of all the young people. I have children and grandchildren and I worry about their future because if it’s this bad now it can only get worse. That’s frightening” 

– Janice Blancock, USA

“My name is Brian Latkanich. I reside in Pennsylvania, Washington County. I’ve had fracking on my land since 2011. When they first came, they offered me 8–13 million dollars. I thought that I had hit the lottery, I was a cheerleader for them. Until 2012 when I put my son in to the bathtub and he came out with bleeding sores seeping all over his body. After contacting the DEP they replaced our water. My farm has been totally destroyed and left in a shambles and nothing is done about it. The house has been fractured and the foundation is falling in. My water is undrinkable, my son has been diagnosed with asthma, headaches and he has uncontrollable bowel movements.
Myself, I got the headaches, then asthma as of two years ago, neuropathy last year, and I’ve been repeatedly hospitalised for different things that have happened to me from consuming my water, up to and including kidney failure. The economic impact is not what they are calling it, they are destroying Pennsylvania’s water, it’s destroying the wildlife and it’s destroying the economic backbone of Pennsylvania which is the farming community.”

– Brian Latkanich, Pennsylvania USA