Looking after each other, so we can be dangerous together

Tents in field at Climate Camp Ireland

In order to look after each other, these are the agreed precautions to mitigate against the spread of air-bourne diseases.

1. We ask people:
– not to come to the Camp if they feel unwell
– to test for Covid before coming
– to leave Camp if they feel unwell

2. We will focus on ventilation as a preventative measure by opening sides of the marquess as much as possible. Some marquees have better ventilation than others.

Low level ventilation:

  • Bell Tent
  • Elephant Tent
  • Pyjama Tent
  • The Barn
  • The Kitchen

High level ventilation:
(Open on at least two sides)

  • The Circus
  • Alien-Spider Tent
  • The Gazebo
  • The Welcome Tent
  • Welfare Tent

3. During each workshop, there will be seats available near the entrance/exit of the marquee for those who need them.

4. Covid test kits will be available in the welcome tent and first aid tent.

5. Masks will be available in the welcome tent and at the entrance to workshop tents. There is no mechanism in place to enforce wearing masks.