Just Be Sound

People working together to build marquees at Climate Camp Ireland 2023

We know that in our society people face discrimination, harm and advantages based on differences in class, age, race, gender, who they’re into, cultural background or where they come from, schooling or ability.

We want this to be a space:

  • Where we support and look out for each other with understanding and compassion;

  • where we do our best to make each other feel welcome, safe, respected, and able to to take part and be ourselves;

  •  where no one is belittled, spoken-down to, silenced, negatively pre-judged or harmed because of our differences;

We’re committed to keeping each other safe. When any of us act or speak harmfully – which we all do – let’s be open to reflecting and challenging ourselves and each other. We will all make mistakes and we have all been shaped by an oppressive society. This camp is an opportunity to unlearn those lessons and be part of building a stronger movement.

Co Created Space – Group Agreement

All participants of Climate Camp agree to:
1. Be respectful to others at all times (verbal and non-verbal communication, awareness of physical personal space, emotional boundaries, and labour capacity)

2. Ensure that consent is a cornerstone of all interactions

3. Work to educate ourselves about the experiences of others, anti-oppression, and understanding the privilege inherent in certain identities.

4. Challenge oppressive behaviour in ourselves and others. Be receptive to people who challenge our behaviours.

5. Avoid engaging in behaviour that excludes, threatens or disrespects other people on the basis of: gender identity, ability, immigration or citizenship status, ethnicity, race, culture, nationality, age, sexuality, religion and belief, working status, income, appearance, experience

6. Not engage in abusive behaviours, including, but not limited to:

  • violence or threat of violence (unless these actions are taken in self defence)

  • rape, sexual assault and harassment

  • verbal and written personal insults, oppressive language (insults or generalisations about an identity group), or harassment (repeated uninvited comments or requests).

7. Leave the camp if the Conflict Support Team in consultation with representatives of other working groups conclude that other participants would be at substantial risk of physical or other harm with your continued presence.

If something happens that you think does breach this agreement you’re encouraged to raise this directly with the person(s) involved. If this doesn’t feel possible, or if you have experienced abuse, assault or harassment, you can ask anyone you trust for support, and/or go to the Wellbeing or Welcome Tent for support. 


This Group Agreement has be kindly shared with us by Climate Camp Scotland